Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Published: 2023-05-03 | Author: Irmi Le Roux

Ram Dass has been heard saying that we all are born to complete a curriculum. This is a very euphemistic way of referring to the pain and suffering we go through as we grow emotionally, spiritually, and all of this even while we grow physically. The things that happen during our formative years have been proven to have a hefty price later in life. We discuss ACEs and the effect on health. We also discuss how to heal from them.

Healing from childhood trauma is essential for true health and wellness.

Polycystic ovary syndrome - PCOS

Published: 2023-03-31 | Author: Irmi Le Roux

Polycystic ovary syndrome does not have a clear origin. It has been proven to have its roots in genetics as well as environmental influences. No matter why you have it, it can have a devastating effect on your wellbeing. The degree of your PCOS discomfort can be determined by a few things, and we try to discuss the highlights in this blog.

There is a way to manage your PCOS symptoms. We want to show you.

Health for every stage of life

Published: 2023-01-09 | Author: Irmi Le Roux

From birth, through all the stages of life, our health changes and require of us to stay in tune with what our bodies are asking for.  What you needed as a teen is not what your body will ask for when you are a busy adult, and definitely not what you'll need as a senior.

Basic guidelines will always apply:

  • Eat colourful meals
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Move your body in a way that you enjoy
  • Remember to touch base with friends or family, and find a place to contribute your energy
  • Find time once a day to breathe, let go, and unwind your busy brain

How this will look will differ from person to person depending on the stage of life they find themselves in. Where are you right now?

A healthy body needs different things at different stages in our lives

The 5 pillars of health

Published: 2023-01-01 | Author: Irmi Le Roux

There are 5 pillars of health. Only 5, and yet it is so easy to let 1 or more of them fall out of focus. The 5 pillars are these:

  • Eating well
  • Sleeping well
  • Moving your body
  • Dealing with stress in a healthy way
  • Meaningful connection
Balance is key, and nobody can tell you what your body's balance looks like