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The Root Cause Care mission is to collate and publish the latest personal care information, in a way that is easy to understand and apply. We also want to educate and empower people to know

  • how to stay healthy,
  • identify imbalances and understand how to address them,
  • and manage conditions.

If we succeed, we could curb the rising number of people living with disease, and help more people live well, even after a chronic condition diagnosis.


Preparing healthy snacks together can teach children the basics of good nutrition
Make sure to move your body in a way that rocks your soul as often as you possibly can

Your health is important

Not only yours actually, but in helping you to stay healthy, we know you will keep your family healthy too. A healthy family has a better chance against new infections, and they have resilience in stressful times.

The more families we can inform, the healthier our neighbourhoods will be. Healthy people make a healthy society. A healthy society can own tomorrow.

So let there be health!

Dive into our blog for basic tips on staying healthy. We are growing our blog on a weekly basis and soon there will be a wide range of information to enjoy.

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Remember to have fun in the sun as often as you can fit it in. And if you don't have time, do it more often.